Developmental Goals & Ratios

NurseryNursery One works on developing the basic gross motor skills for infants. Teachers also work on increasing verbal communication by constantly talking and singing to the children. Infants are introduced to the basics of baby sign language to help communicate when they are hungry or tired.
Ratio 3 to 1

Nursery Two infants will work on many skills, especially fine motor by doing activities such as art and learning to feed themselves. This class involves many transitions such a sleeping on a cot instead of in a crib and drinking from a sippy cup instead of a bottle.
Ratio 4 to 1

Toddler promotes social skills such as sharing, using words to express feelings/needs, and potty training. This group will begin to sit daily for circle time to learn about shapes and colors. They also begin to learn about playing in learning centers, and being responsible for one’s own things.
Ratio 6 to 1

ToddlersEarly Preschool students will increase their communication skills. They will also work on basic academics such as recognizing their name in print, counting, prepositions, sorting/matching, and repeating simple songs and rhymes.
Ratio 8 to 1

Pre-School children will work on beginning reading skills such as letter recognition and phonics sounds in addition to early math skills including one to one correspondence and patterns. They will continue to play in learning centers and do daily art projects.
Ratio 12 to 1

Pre-Kindergarten will prepare your child for kindergarten by building upon the skills they have already obtained. They will even get to take field trips that will re-enforce their weekly learning themes.
Ratio 12 to 1

In addition to the academics, there is still time for learning centers, art, and group games to encourage the continued development of social skills.

Grade School Curriculum – We provide before and/or after school care to several local elementary schools. Your child’s tuition includes breakfast, afternoon snack, and homework assistance. They are also given the chance to play outdoors and in a variety of activity centers each day. We also offer full day care with field trips when school is not in session.