Included in Tuition

A Child’s Reflection believes that the arts can help young children gain fundamental academic and social skills, making them more confident and overall better life-long learners. We have many types of these programs built into our weekly lesson plans.


On Monday and Wednesday mornings for thirty minutes, Ms. Jazmin teaches Spanish to all of our children from Early Preschool through Pre-K. The goal of our Spanish Program is to promote a good foundation of Spanish and help develop your child’s understanding of language concepts which will ease their ability to learn additional languages in the future. Some of our units include: animals, types of clothing, body parts, numbers, and colors. During the 2017-2018 school year we will be expanding our Spanish language instruction. Please be sure to ask about this.


Every Wednesday, Ms. Amy teaches music to our children from the Early Preschool through Pre-K classes. This Kids Music program allows children to use many of their senses to experience and learn about music and how they relate to it. In the classes, your child will participate in many different music and movement activities such as vocal plays, singing a variety of folk and multi-cultural songs, listening activities, instrumental exploration, pretend play, and much more.

Stretch & Grow

Each Monday morning, our Early Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten classes work on gross motor skill development focusing on strength, balance and coordination.